All Cooped Up

Aged in a wine barrel and bottle conditioned with maple syrup from our friend's farm in Granville, this farmhouse ale is easy drinking.

Bye bye Mr Dubbel.  See you next year...

Like a dry sparkling white wine, this farmhouse ale is refreshing and has a clean finish.  

Enjoy this elegant draught with cheese!

Silver Medal 2019: 85 Points: USA Beer Ratings

Strawberry Knotweed

Wild Foraged Knotweed tastes like rhubarb when harvested young! With fresh local berries and our farmhouse base, this is a great summer sipper!

Gold Medal 2019: 90 Points: USA Beer Ratings

Basket of Strawberries

This farmhouse ale is a unique winter warmer.

With a whiskey kick at the end, enjoy this bottle room temperature. (Heck, add a little whiskey and wish it was spring already)

Let's drink some beer together today!!!

Concord is what purple dreams are made of. 

The wild grape vibe runs deep, but with a bright elegant finish that leaves you wanting more.

Gold Medal 2019: 90 Points: USA Beer Ratings

Concord. _Local Grains. _House Yeast. _S
Black & Blue

This dry and refreshing blueberry blackberry draught is like a great cocktail.  But it also makes a delish sangria!

Cherry Pie

The king of savory fruits, our Apricot farmhouse ale is delicate and fruity with a floral nose. 

Enjoy with brunch as a mimosa alternative!

Black Currant

Black Currant reflects the natural tartness of the fruit with a wine-like finish. A little residual sweetness creates a well-rounded finish.

Black Currant would do well bottle aged.

The Black Currant Farmhouse Ale  looks a

Black Rabbit Farm