Black Rabbit Farm Wild Ales are light crisp beers, with tart finish,  that offer a refreshing sip & pair exquisitely with food.

Brewed in small batches using locally sourced grain & hops with our own estate grown fruit & aromatics, each ale is naturally fermented and aged to showcase the finest flavor in each ingredient.

An ever-evolving array of food-friendly pairings will soon be making their way to your local water hole and our farm store.​

Stay tuned for specific offerings & special releases.


Our Signature Line of Ales. Crafted from a single recipe and individually flavored for the perfect all-day ale.

Fantastically flavored, these fun ales are barrel aged with unique recipes to offer a wild feel yet with mild tang.

Wild Ales

Aged a minimum of one year, these unique & funky ales are open fermented in our coolship overnight and barrel aged for a year or more.

Our first official case of beer! _See yo

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